Cyber Security reimagined

Secure the web!


8tech SHIELD is a cyber security tool to protect websites and web applications against brute force attacks. There are also plugins available for common content management systems like WordPress.


The most important data is summarized in a dashboard and is available updated to the second. Widgets on the dashboard include


  • Requests in total (today, yesterday, last week, ...)
  • Blocked requests in total (today, yesterday, last week, ...)
  • Not blocked requests in total (today, yesterday, last week, ...)

IP Blocklist

  • Amount of blocked ip addresses in list
  • Amount of new blocked ip addresses (today, yesterday, last week, ...)


  • IP Blocklist (hashed values) management
  • Last Ban Checks management
  • CMS Integration download and management


  • Customers administration
  • Token administration
  • Reports administration